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God I hate that cat... Why you don´t call the show "Conroy reviews Slugterra!!!! and also two seconds of Doggy for you to shut up... Whatever".

But I have to say, on the comic content, those two Doggy seconds are getting improved, I always enjoy the cool people joke, and really think is a interesting topic on the current tv culture.

But but again, you can have both, you can have the serious reviews you are obviously invested on do, and the satirical comic content, maybe putting the two characters together could do the trick

Seems pretty obvious you are looking for your own style, and that is good, so keep going,

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When you kill doggy the past season and say that´s all folks, I kinda say OK, I think you want go beyond. Then you come back and I think great!!!, now i think you should let that dog dead for good, I mean, this was boring, uninspiring, and totally pointless.

I also hate that cat, the only thing funny about him was the contrast he does to doggy and how and optimistic moron and a cynical douche stand together, but and more bland reviews on things and less character development and funny lines, you know CAN have both right?

Anyway, about the show, Phineas & Ferb was funny for a while, even hook me like you say with the Band episode, but now is just an ongoing boring gag, over and over the same jokes, over and over the same random songs, no arcs, no stories overall, just two kids and a infinite amount of credit making pointless things everyday, HOW MUCH SUMMER IS LEFT AGAIN???.

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Next time on RB... Asses!!!


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A good time killer, however it will be improved by a bit more of programing, like crocs changing color before bitting or some drop that give you an advantage, I don´t know, a rubber band that give you a free jump but wiht only one use.

Good graphics and sound design.

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Let´s start with positives:

The art is nice, the gameplay it really tight and well executed, the music is amazing, Four well earned stars.


The lack of progression makes the game repetitive, and the points system is useless

However, here me out, because what you have here is the next high ranking classic a bit unpolished

Keep it going, this is a diamond waiting to shine

That´s it? well, SPOILER ALERT that ending sucks, how about the same timeline but with the power of knowing the choose Chris does i am aloud to kill her, I mean, I root for Troy, that guy have died over and over and thanks to that girl he will go back AGAIN, also without knowing for sure if her actions will work

I mean, good game, the concept is very impressive, music: 10/10, the characters are well made, totally humans, but... I am the master of their fates right? If I have to choose between one girl with mommy issues happines and the well fair of all the four...

Maybe i´m just a horrible person.

Anyway four stars for desing, tone, concept and execution, but I totally recommend exploit more the concept

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muk use acid... on me!!!!!

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Those are really weird hips for a boy. Come on Shad, you can do it better, also the shadow on the eyelids don´t match with the face.

Just for some constructive criticism I´ll check the other versions on the Shadbase... Nothing sexual, at all, seriously... damn

And so you, Shad, makes me akwardly horny again... this time no penis required... you really are the master on that

Also could you do something with Lili from Psychonauts?, Not EXACTLY this style, but just saying, you know, something awesome

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awesome work, even if i can´t focus in other thing than in her nose absence... stupid brain!!!!

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